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Steer clear from the friend zone | Closeup

Tips to steer clear from the friend zone

“We’re better off as friends.”
Nobody wants to hear these words from their crush. Or even worse, have to change their FB relationship status from “single” to “it’s complicated.”

If you’ve got a friend or bestie for whom you’ve developed feelings, don’t be afraid to #MakeYourMove. And fast – there is a friend zone out there that can completely ruin your vibe and kill your chances of ever being an item.

Follow these tips to steer clear of the danger zone:


No, blinking your eyes uncontrollably is not flirting! Ain’t nobody got time for that. We’re talking about having fun and playful conversations, and making your crush laugh – even if it is with jokes you found on the internet. Everyone wants a special someone. But at first, flirt subtly. A touch on an arm or a hand through the hair is enough to let them know you’re interested. But don’t overdo it. You don’t want to scare them away.

Compliment them

Aim to be the last person they think of before they go to sleep at night. Tell them how great they look in that outfit or how their hairstyle “brings out their eyes.” Those sweet words will still be music to their ears by bedtime. Get this right and you’re sure to move up the ranks from a “I don’t know” to a potential bae.

Get close

He or she may have many friends, so think about what sets you apart from everyone else. Is it because they know they can text you at 2 am and get an answer? Or is it because you know exactly how to cheer them up when they’re feeling down?

If you need any more inspiration, remember that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were close friends before they started dating and finally tied the knot. Be the friend they confide in. The more time you spend together the higher the chance of getting closer and pulling in for that kiss. So make extra sure you’ve brushed your teeth with Closeup Deep Action Red Hot toothpaste before each date.

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Know the signs

If you feel that he or she is just not that into you, let go. There’s no point in pursuing someone who doesn’t feel the same way. If it is indeed “the one”, you’ll feel those butterflies in your stomach. And hopefully they’re feeling the flutters too!

Here’s to fewer friend zones and many more long and happy relationships!