Outer beauty vs inner strength | Closeup

Outer beauty vs inner strength | Closeup

As young adults we can sometimes question ourselves – how we come across and how others perceive us. But the first step to developing our self-confidence and self-esteem is to accept ourselves for who we are.


You might not think that you’re the most handsome guy in the room. Remember though, that looks form just a small part of what makes for an attractive man. Take someone like Prince Harry, for example, c’mon, if you look closely there is very little about him that is classically handsome. And yet, he is probably as close as you can get to any girl’s dream man. His charming smile, kindness and sense of fun and adventure has had him crawl deep into our hearts.


Being any more handsome would not have mattered a hoot to us, because his heart is in the right place. Despite the challenges of constantly being in the public eye and the considerable difficulties he has faced in his royal life, he has clearly made peace with himself and is living a confident, productive life – with a gorgeous, adoring fiancée in tow.


So the first lesson is, like yourself for who you are – and for whatever you look like. Focus on whatever you do well, and understand that nobody is perfect – not even the guy standing on stage receiving that Victor Lodorum prize. Please believe me, he probably has more insecurities and flaws than you do!


You are utterly unique, so feel proud of your ideas and the values you uphold. If you are quietly confident and clear on the values you wish to hold, chances are that your peers will respect your opinion and views, even if theirs may be different.


And if you’re worried that you’ve made some mistakes in your life, don’t be. It is exactly by making mistakes that we learn and develop our character. What better a time to learn from the odd misjudgment or two than while you’re young and can use these learnings in future.


And please do accept compliments. We are all too eager to brush off a kind word. It is so much more pleasant for yourself – and for the giver of the compliment – if you return the compliment with a lovely smile from using toothpaste that whitens teeth to get rid of bad breath, and a thank you.


When you receive a compliment on your new shirt resist the temptation to say ‘This old thing?’ Rather respond with a positive ‘Thank you. I love wearing it. And, may I say that you look lovely yourself in that dress.’ Then look out the warm and sincere smile you’ll receive in return.


Here’s the thing, we’re all just people. And not a single one of us is perfect. Accept, love and respect others, but most of all never forget to do the same for yourself. So now, go slay them already.