Making your matric dance magical | Closeup

Making your matric dance magical | Closeup

Since the day we started high school, there was one night we looked forward to – the evening of our matric dance.It’s the one day we know we’ll feel like kings and queens and the spotlight will be on us! We wonder who will look the funkiest, having put together their outfit on a shoestring budget, but in true fashion designer style. Or whose parents will spend a fortune, only for them to look like a fashion fail!

As much as glitz and glam are on our schedule, prepping for this big day can seem overwhelming. You only have one chance to make this memorable so read further to find out how to prepare for your big night…

Charge your cell phone
Keep a fully charged cell phone with you and even a power bank, just in case. It’s mega important to make sure whomever is fetching you knows exactly where and what time the party ends. And add some extra airtime, so you can connect with the person you need to call – and not the service provider’s “you have insufficient funds to make this call.”

Pack comfy shoes
You’ll be mostly on your feet taking pictures with your partner and family during the day. By the end of the night, your feet might feel like they’re on fire. Even if you plan not to dance too much, don’t fool yourself. There are certain songs like Omunye and Formation that will make you to lose control of your body and dance like nobody’s watching! Pack comfortable sneakers or other flats, especially for the after party. You’ll need them!

Be yourself
If you’re still figuring out, on the day, how to do your makeup or what jewellery to wear you’re setting yourself up for stress. Experiment with makeup a few days ahead of your big day. But remember, sometimes “less is more” when applying makeup.

Brush those pearls
Make sure you have fresh breath and are kiss-ready! Brush your teeth with Closeup Deep Action for 12 hours of fresh breath, and you wont need breath mints. But be sure you’re ready, willing and able. There are few things worse than an unwanted smooch.

Be safe!
Have the most fun with your besties! Your matric dance will be a day you’ll always remember. So try not to stress. But make sure you have dad or your big brother on standby if you’re ready to head home. You’ll be more relaxed in the knowledge that you’ll be safe and in good hands, if you should need them.

Now go on and slay!