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Make Your Move Press Release

Unilever’s Closeup brand unstereotypes attraction in Valentine’s Day advertising campaign

1 February 2017 – Valentine’s Day is for everyone, no matter their sexual preferences, ethnicity, religion or creed.

Excitement and anticipation fill the air as we approach Valentine’s Day. This is one day in 365 when you have a little more license to ‘make things happen’ with someone you like and want to get closer to: a time to ignore your inhibitions and find the courage to ‘make your move.’

But Valentine’s Day can be quite prescriptive: It’s steeped in conventions and clichés. There are things you’re supposed to do and things you’re not supposed to do; flowers and chocolates, heart emojis, boy-takes-girl-out-on-a-romantic-candle-lit-dinner. With all these stereotypes, it’s easy to understand how some people – those who don’t fit the conventional mould – can feel absolutely left out.

This Valentine’s Day, Closeup challenges the idea of traditional couples, with its latest advertising campaign called “Make Your Move”.

“We believe that mutual attraction should know no boundaries, and that we should expand the definition of the word ‘couple’,” says Closeup Brand Manager, Sphelele Mjadu.

The campaign celebrates all kinds of relationships, with an ethnically diverse cast as well as showing same-sex pairings, interracial unions, and unstereotyped gender roles in which women make the first move. It is a lip-biting, heart-racing, skin-tingling take on what Valentine’s Day should be about.

Grab the popcorn and get ready to take some notes. Closeup presents the “A to Z of barrier-breaking moves”, and the 2-minute compilation film features 13 couples that take closeness to a whole new level.

There’s something in it for everyone. The campaign features stories like “Come Duze” and “Find Thee Wingman”, where we see the girl making the first move, a positive statement about gender equality in the attraction game. It also features stories of LGBT couples like “Hair Play” and “Nose Boop”, wherein we see two guys and two girls unapologetically and openly expressing affection for one another. Closeup also makes a statement about interracial relationships with stories like “Ice Cream Split”, where two people who seem to be ethnically different from each other get along “just fine” (wink-wink).

The campaign is indeed a positive and inspiring statement about building a more open society. Getting physically close to someone is the best feeling in the world. From the electrifying brushing of skin to skin, to the intense anticipation of the first kiss: Close Up believes that this is what life should be made of. Why should things like race, gender, social status, sexual preference, or religion get in the way of mutual attraction?

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