Keeping your cool during an argument in public

Keeping your cool during an argument in public

“You said, what? I am not leaving this unanswered! ” Does this attitude ring a bell? Often, we want to have the last say. But is having the last say all that important when you’re having dinner with your partner? Here are a few tips on how to handle a heated situation:

Control your emotions
Someone has just said something that makes you want to react. Don’t. Take a few seconds to breathe and compose your thoughts. Once you’re in control of your emotions, you should be able to refrain from saying something you may regret later. This way it becomes so much easier to prevent the argument from spiraling out of control. Think of it, if you’re in a feisty mood and the other person stays calm and collected, they will eventually get tired of ‘fighting with themselves’, right?


What’s more important?
Is it more important to prove a point or keep the peace? If it is really necessary, you can always pick up on a point when you get home. You really don’t have to ‘be right’ at that very moment. You may feel that you’re right – but it’s more important to avoid tension in public until you can speak about the situation in private.


Pay attention to your tone of voice
There’s a difference between saying ‘I am calm’ and ‘I AM CALM!’ Raising your voice can exacerbate the situation. You might be upset, but you don’t want to aggravate the situation. Keep calm and the situation should normalise quite quickly.


Lighten up
Make light of things and rather focus on being cool with each other. Respond to a question with a foreign accent or make an ugly I’m-about-to-cry face. Chances are, you’ll both end up laughing. The conversation should flow much smoother from then on, and you can quickly get back to what matters the most – being happy together again.


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