Initiating a first kiss | Closeup

Initiating a first kiss | Closeup

To move closer or not to move closer – that is the question!Initiating a kiss can be scary. One is never sure whether your crush will lean closer, lips pouted, or if they will shove you to the friend zone instead. Read: Tips to steer clear from the friend zone.

So make sure you are as ready as can be should the time come.

Get to know them first
If you’re really interested, show them. Get to know your crush and hang out a few times before you even think of initiating that first kiss. Don’t be fooled by “it’s only a kiss, it doesn’t mean anything.” When you’ve built a strong emotional connection by sharing ideas and conversations – and, of course, flirting a bit – that kiss will be all the more electric!

A breath of fresh air
Make sure your breath is as fresh as the morning breeze by brushing with Closeup Deep Action toothpaste. This way you can count on long-lasting freshness – a major turn-on and the key to that kiss.

Understand that it may be awkward
Because it’s your first time, you may both try and figure out at which angle you would like to approach the kiss. Perhaps you’ll even bump heads as you lean in. Nothing wrong with that! Don’t feel awkward and let it ruin your special moment. Just relax and lean in again!

Does he, or she, want to kiss you?
Exercise discretion – are they showing signs of interest? Have you been asked on a date, shared some stories and a joke or two? If so, chances are that your crush is interested in you. Stroking your arm, brushing the hair from your face and sitting closer are all signs that they’re ready for you to take the next step and initiate the kiss.

It never hurts to ask
If you’re still unsure about whether you’ve read the signs correctly and you are enjoying some time out together, go ahead and ask if you can share a kiss. But make sure you don’t cheat the moment. It might not happen straight after you’ve shared that hamburger, but it may happen after you’ve both just had a good laugh and you’re staring into each other’s eyes. That’s when kisses become irresistible!