How to make your interracial relationship work

How to make your interracial relationship work

Being in an interracial relationship can be tough. To this day, you still get the stares when you’re strolling in a mall, and the disapproving whispers as you walk past. Who cares? If you’re happy and in love, nothing else should matter. But, it is often easier said than done, which is why we have a few tips to help…

Ignore the critics
As Taylor Swift says, “The haters’ gonna hate.” Whether you hear the whispers about you as a couple, or read people’s comments on a photo you’ve uploaded online of the two of you, you’ve just got to let it go. As much as we live in a diverse country, some people are not as liberated as you are. Just ignore negative comments and learn to shrug it off. After all, you’re happy, and the chances are extremely high that a person of that nature is not! That settles it.


Your values make you stronger
Interracial couples are believed to be more likely to survive hard times. There are many obstacles you could face that a minor argument becomes totally insignificant! Believe us, you can face almost anything. So, simply smile after a silly argument – you’ll pull through.


Pick out your clothes.
“By choosing your outfit in advance -including your socks and underwear. You will save a good chunk of your morning. Keeping the endless cycle of revolving outfits for when you are not in a hurry.”


Save an emergency supply.
Keep a stash of essentials such as chewing gum, deodorant, a sewing kit and the likes, on hand, for those occasions when rushing out the door leaves you unprepared. A small utility bag in your car, handbag or at work is ideal.


Learn something new every day
You and your significant other have interestingly different cultures and traditions. Try to learn more about their culture and teach them about yours too. By making an effort you will learn to appreciate each other’s and also understand why they may behave in a certain way.


This is important in every relationship. Sometimes you may clash, but never forget what is more important – your love for each other. Compromise is essential if you want to make your relationship work – but make sure that it comes from both parties.


Love knows no colour. Be proud of your bae and remember, if you are happy, nothing else should matter! Just feel the love and keep the kisses coming with fresh breath that lasts all day.