Getting along with your partner’s family

Getting along with your partner’s family

Not everyone is lucky enough to get along well with their significant other’s family. Yes, there are a few “monster-in-laws” out there. If you struggle to get along with your partner’s family, know that it’s not always your fault. They may just be difficult to get through to, so go easy on yourself. What’s important is that you and your bae have a mutual understanding about this and will do your best not to allow family drama to interfere with the love you share. As tricky as it can be, here are some tips to help you “deal.”


First impressions don’t always last
Have you ever heard friends say, “When I first met you, I thought you were stuck-up?” – and then as you got to know each other, things changed? That’s because, as human beings, we often judge people before learning more about them. You may not have hit it off at the time of first meeting them – but, a good relationship often takes time to develop. Be yourself and remember that respect goes a long way to smooth things over. If you show them respect, chances are high that it may be returned.


Try …
If family is important to your partner, make an effort to get to know and understand them. You wouldn’t want to cause a rift in the family simply because you were too stubborn. Many families are pretty involved in each other’s lives, especially parents and their kids. If your partner is close to their family, make sure you do your best. Speak nicely, always. It’s all about a bit of compromise and making each other happy, right?


Make time to bond
One of the ways to “try” is to plan activities together. If you think having dinner will be too weird, why not go to a theme park or watch a movie? If it’s something everyone enjoys, they’ll be in a lighter mood which should make things easier.


Avoid awkward conversations
If everyone is hanging together, the lamest conversation is probably about the weather – but that’s also okay. What’s not okay is having political debates, or trying to impose religious views on the other. Most people are sensitive about these topics so discussing them while you’re getting to know each other is a definite no-no.


Whether it works out or not, what matters is that you’ve tried – and for that, your partner will thank and respect you. Remember that no matter where you are or who you’re talking to, fresh breath is essential if you want to have any kind of conversation with confidence! So make sure you use Closeup Cool Breeze for 12 hours of fresh breath. And just have fun!