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Get over your ex | Close up

Get over your ex

Nobody likes going through a breakup, but sometimes it’s inevitable.

If things haven’t worked out between you and your bae, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world. And no pain lasts forever. See the best way to get over your ex:

Remove everything that reminds you of your ex

If you still own a hoodie (or three) of theirs then either give it back or gift it to someone who needs it. Still have that teddy he gave you that you named Mr Cuddles? Well, if you can look at Mr Cuddles without missing your ex-bae at all, then we guess Mr Cuddles can stay. Delete all pictures and selfies you have of her on your phone and laptop (yes, all 2207 of them).

Unfriend and unfollow

When you’re logging onto social media, the last thing you want is to see photo of him pretending to be over you. So, unfollow and unfriend him from all your social media platforms. And if it was a bad breakup then it’s probably best to block them. That way it will be more difficult for him to reconnect with you.

Have a support system

Whether you confide in your best friend, Mr Cuddles or the loyal family dog, having someone around to listen to you is important. If you’re hurting, don’t do so alone. Speak to a friend about your feelings and let all the anger and bitterness out. You’ll feel much better and will heal quicker emotionally.

Be inspired

Find a way to channel your anger. Keep a diary, write a poem, play your guitar, get the ultimate revenge body by going to gym or join that bird watching class you’ve always wanted to. Your mind will be focusing on something else and you’ll be kept busy!

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