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Get noticed: Leaving your mark after a first date

Getting ignored by a bae after your first date is like going to an ice-cream parlour on a scorching hot day and your favourite flavour is out of stock. Ah, the disappointment! But if you’re on a date and by the end of the evening they don’t even ask for your number, then it’s probably best that you forget about them.But what if there was a sure fire way to make sure they remember you? See how to make it impossible for your date to forget you.

Smell good

Good personal hygiene always gets a big thumbs up. You could delicately fragrance your body with a special perfume, but whatever you do, first of all make sure you banish bad breath by brushing your teeth with Closeup Cool Breeze. Just be careful of being too generous with your perfume. Spritz some on your wrists and behind your ear so you’re ready for your closeup.

Dress for the occasion

If you’re going to a theme park, you should probably skip those high heels. As soon as you know where you’ll be heading, choose an outfit that is fitting for the occasion. But make sure you’re comfy. Fashionable sneakers or comfortable flat shoes are always a winner! Wear your favourite accessories, best-fitted dress or a unique jacket that will make you stand out from his or her ex-baes. As soon as you arrive, they should be thinking “ex-bae who?”

Choose a nice place

The ideal place can also have a positive effect on your overall date. And who is going to get asked on a second date if the first one goes well? You are! If the choice of venue is up to you, find a place where interaction is encouraged. A movie will may limit conversation, so rather opt for drinks at a cosy pub or restaurant, or even a long, relaxing walk in the park.

Be considerate

Making your date wait an extra hour for you to get ready is an absolute no-no. Leave earlier if traffic may be bad, and switch off your phone when you’re with them for no disturbances. These small gestures are a sure way for them to see that you actually care.

Split the bill

Gone are the days where the guy is obliged to pay. It’s 2018 ladies – times have changed. If he insists on paying, allow him, but on the condition that you’ll be allowed to pay for the next date. This shows how thoughtful you are. And who won’t remember someone so considerate?

Remember, fresh breath is a huge turn-on. So the most important thing you can do is to ensure you brush your teeth with a toothpaste that gives you 12 hours of fresh breath.