Foods to eat for good breath | Closeup

Foods to eat for good breath | Closeup

Eating fresh fruits and veggies

If you need you’re looking a good reason to fall in love with fruits and veggies, here’s one: reduced bacteria in the mouth. Fresh apples, cucumbers, carrots and pears are perfect for fighting bad breath as they increase the produce of saliva production in your mouth to clean out bacteria. And its crunchiness also helps to remove stubborn food particles stuck between the teeth.

Sugar-free gum
Chewing gum is another way to loosen the food particles and dead cells from your teeth, which cause bad breath. Choose a sugar-free gum to get rid of any remaining foods while simultaneously freshening up your breath.

As much as fresh ginger can be added to a drink to fight colds and flu, it can also get rid of bad breath. Add a squeeze of lemon juice with a teaspoon of fresh ginger to warm water and rinse your mouth out with this mixture. You’ll be able to say “aaah” without covering your breath mouth with your hand.

Drink water
Drinking water is great to keep your body hydrated and as well as flush out toxins but whenever you drink water and it can also, you flush out food particles and bacteria stuck in your mouth, which that could lead to bad breath. It also promotes saliva production in your mouth, just like those fruits and veggies we spoke about earlier, which also makes it a cleansing agent.

Keep your breath fresh with these yummy foods to eat and remember to use Closeup Deep Action toothpaste for 12 hours of fresh breath. Now, where’s bae for that kiss?