Foods to avoid when you’re on a date | Closeup

Foods to avoid when you’re on a date | Closeup

Yes, it is often a great add-on to meals like pizza and pasta. But eating too much garlic can be bad for your breath. Garlic contains Sulphur containing chemicals which gets absorbed in your bloodstream as you eat. The odour then reaches your lungs and escapes through your mouth which doesn’t usually happen immediately. This is why having garlic the night before can still linger in your mouth the next day.

They look so crispy when they’re coated in crumbs and served as onion rings, but it is also one of the main reasons for smelly breath. Similar to garlic, onions contain Sulphur which enters the bloodstream and returns when you would least expect it.

Coffee and Other Beverages
As much as a cup of coffee is necessary for many people, it is a quick way to dehydrate the body which can cause dry mouth. When your mouth is dry and lacks saliva, it can create a quick breeding ground for bacteria to live. Drink a glass of water after every cup of coffee to keep your mouth moist and wash bacteria away.

This may be a dead giveaway, but many people still cannot resist the urge to order seafood when going out. If you do, squeeze fresh lemon onto it to reduce the fishy smell. Also, carry breath mints in your handbag so you can pop one in your mouth straight after eating. Or you can chew sugar-free gum to stimulate saliva in your mouth and rinse away any food particles that could be stuck between your teeth.

One of the many secrets to a successful date is to have fresh breath. Brush your teeth before you leave with Closeup Deep Action toothpaste for 12 hours of fresh breath.