First sleepover with BAE | Closeup

First sleepover with BAE | Closeup

You and your partner sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…woah!Remember that childhood song? Well, we’d like to add our 2 cents worth and say that something is probably wrong with the order of things. Nobody mentions having sleepovers with bae anywhere! If you and your significant other have spoken openly about taking your relationship to the next level, it means that you are probably at quite a crucial stage in your relationship. Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered.


Groom (just in case)
You never know what could happen, so better come prepared! Make sure you’ve had a hot bath or shower, shaved off any unwanted hair, gotten rid of bad breath by freshening up with a mouth freshening toothpaste and used your favourite deodorant and cologne (in moderation, of course). This way you’ll feel confident enough for a closeup!


Pack accordingly
Ladies and gentlemen, what’s the one thing you can’t afford to forget when having a sleepover? No, it’s not a cellphone charger – it’s extra underwear and your toiletries. Make sure you’ve got your makeup, hair brush, clean socks and everything else you may need for the night – and to get ready in the morning. If you aren’t comfortable with your partner seeing you with a bedhead yet, it’s best you don’t forget those items. But remember, in time your partner should be able to accept you with flaws and all.


Pack protection
Your parents may not tell you this but we will. Make sure you pack condoms and lubricants. Condoms will protect you against sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS so it’s best that you are prepared should things get heated in the bedroom. Also, it’s important to have “the talk” with your partner beforehand so you can cover any concerns you may have before anything actually happens. Also, just because you’re having a sleepover doesn’t mean that sex has to be on the cards. Make sure you both agree on what your expectations are.


Anything can happen…
When you’re asleep you have little control over your body – yes, including snoring! If you’re a karate master during your sleep, hog the blankets, snore loud enough for the neighbours to hear, well, either inform your partner or prep yourself. If you have a stomach issue, get some antacid or avoid eating certain foods which might make it worse. Also, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with giving them ear plugs as a gift on the night. At least they’ll know how considerate you are!


But most importantly, avoid morning breath by brushing first thing in the morning. It will give you that extra confidence on a first sleepover. Make sure you brush with Closeup Deep Action toothpaste and you will be ready for anything!