Dos and don’ts of a kiss | Closeup

Dos and don’ts of a kiss | Closeup

A good kiss is the one thing that can make you forget about your problems and transport you to a whole different world – paradise!On 6 July, the world celebrates International Kissing Day and we dare you to find someone to pucker up with. But before you lean in for that kiss, see our list of do’s and don’ts…

Consider the sound
There are silent kisses and then there is the infamous “mwah!” Tune up or down the sound level depending on how romantic or platonic you want your kiss to be. Soft, sensual kisses are usually quiet while mwahs should be reserved for family and friends.

Pay attention
Just go with the flow. If your partner is gentle and chooses to kiss you gently and slowly, make sure you’re in the same boat. By trying to match their rhythm, you will ensure that the two of you are in synch.

Brush for fresh breath
Nothing says ‘I want to kiss you” more than breath that smells like Closeup Deep Action. It’s simply an instant breath of fresh air.

By brushing your teeth with Closeup before that smooch you’ll be good for 12 hours of fresh breath – and, of course, a more confident kiss. Just make sure you skip the garlic on that pizza.

It may look sexy in movies, but some people do not appreciate lip biting. People have different pain thresholds, and there’s nothing worse than accidentally biting too hard. A bleeding lip is not a look. Don’t risk it, stick to the kiss.

Get tongue-twisted
A French kiss is all about a bit of tongue. But keep it neat until your lips touch, otherwise you might scare them away. Also, keep in mind that as with most things in life, too much tongue might be too much of a good thing.

Try too hard
Allow the kiss to happen naturally. Never force yourself on someone or come across aggressively. Make sure your kissing partner is a willing participant. Then just close your eyes and enjoy the special moment. Who knows what the kiss may lead to…

A perfect kiss always starts with fresh breath so make sure you’re kiss-ready by brushing your teeth twice a day with Closeup toothpaste. Then bring on that kiss!