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Don’t get rejected: 4 ways to #MakeYourMove | Closeup

Don’t get rejected: 4 ways to #MakeYourMove

Oh how blissful it is to be in love. You know the feeling – those imaginary butterflies in your stomach and the flutters at the mention of your crush’s name.

Telling your bae how you feel about them can be scary, but it can be so worth it. Let love win!

Get to know her

If you’ve had a few chats before and your conversations have never passed the “the- weather-is-great-outside” or “that-lecture-was-way-too-long” stage then you probably don’t know her well enough yet. You may see her every other day at school or at your regular hangout, but will you still like her after finding out what her interests are? Try and find out what her favourite hobby or passtime is, what music she likes and who her favourite sports team is. Then start the next conversation on this topic. You’ll soon be able to see if you’re a match made in heaven, or not.

Become friends first

And we don’t mean friends with benefits. If you’re lucky enough to get to know your crush before telling them how you feel, get even closer by being the one they confide in. If you are shy by nature, then getting to be friends first will alleviate anxiousness when you eventually decide to reveal your true feelings. Only you’ll know when the time is right.

Make sure you have fresh breath

Your perfect love story may end up with him or her telling you that they’ve had a crush on you too, and you sharing the first kiss. What you don’t want, is to be worried about your breath as you lean in closer with your lips all puckered. Make very sure, by brushing your teeth thoroughly with Closeup toothpaste to make your mouth kiss-ready. Be warned, you will be hard to resist!

Don’t play too hard to get

Who knows, your crush might actually like you too. Start by sending subtle signals – say ‘Hey, want to go and see the new Star Trek movie? I’m going on Saturday.’ Or invite him or her to study with you. Speak with your eyes rather than blurt out your feelings, and things should start to move along slowly.

Remember, life’s too short to keep your feelings to yourself forever. So once you pick up return signals in the form of invitations or regular phone calls, it’s time to start planning the next moves. Above all, keep it light and have fun!