Deal breakers that put out the spark | Closeup

Deal breakers that put out the spark | Closeup

Poor Hygiene Habits

This is a major turn-off. No matter how intelligent, confident and funny you are, no one is going to get close enough to see your true colours if you’ve got body odour and constant morning breath. For long lasting fresh breath, nothing other than CloseUp toothpaste will do.

No Sense of Humour

As far as attractive traits go, a good sense of humour is definitely on most people’s lists. And with good reason. Who would you rather spend time with: someone who injects a bit of playfulness into every conversation, or a buzzkill who takes themselves too seriously? No prizes for guessing what your choice was there.

Zero Ambition

We can’t control the level of success we’ll attain, nor how quickly it will come. What we can control, is how much hard work and passion we pour into pursuing our dreams. If you’re a goal-driven individual who’s dating a person with no ambition, we probably don’t have to tell you how much friction that can cause. Your unambitious partner most likely has a problem with your tight schedule, your big dreams and your constant desire to learn more. If you’re not working towards achieving your goals, it might be harder to attract people who are.

No Idea How to Manage Finances

This probably should have been first on the list. People might try to convince you otherwise, but money is a huge source of conflict in relationships. When two people get into a serious relationship, one person’s financial decisions are bound to affect the other. If your partner is bad with money, they’ll never have money to do anything fun, they’ll rack up a significant amount of debt that they might not be able to pay off, and you might start footing the bill whenever you guys go out.

Before you ask someone out on a date, make sure you’re not shooting yourself in the foot by committing these cardinal sins.