Dating an older person | Closeup

Dating an older person | Closeup

Roses are red, violets are blue. It’s still true love if they’re older than you. Age is nothing but a number, so they say. The beautiful thing about love is that the distraction often causes you to do the silliest things – like pulling on a door that says “push.” Especially when you’re with your new flame. It is no secret that when you fall in love, you fall hard. But what can you expect when you’ve fallen for someone that much older than you?


Kids may be involved
Know that your partner may have kids from a previous relationship – and if they do, ask yourself whether you are you comfortable to be part of their lives too? Whether you have children of your own or not, keep in mind that their kids will require much of their time. Also, planned dates may sometimes need be rescheduled to fit in around their children’s schedules. Their children should be their priority, so be prepared.

Also, if they have children, would they want more if you one day want kids? It is a good idea to discuss these questions before things get too serious.


It’s just different
Depending on how large the age gap, things they value from “their time” may not be things to which you’ll be able to relate. If they’re a fan of Trompies and you prefer Malaika or AKA, then you can bet that conversations about what “real” music is will often come up. Also, can you get used to them singing along to golden oldies which you have probably never heard before? One way to overcome this, is to make the most of it by teaching each other things from your era.


They may not have as much energy as you and may be into lazy nights indoors instead of clubbing. But, if you’re also a home-body, how much better can it get?


“Been there, done that!” They may have a different perspective on life. Take advantage! Life gets hard sometimes and what you may think is the end of the world is something they have probably dealt with at some time in their life. Learn from their mistakes and take good advice


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