Girls having fun at festival

Have the best festival experience | Close up

Have the best music festival experience…ever!


When we say “epic” you say “festival!”

Oh yeah! Music festivals are one of the best things ever. So put on your dancing shoes and step out of your comfort zone.

You may think of yourself as a shy person…until you feed off the crowd’s energy when your favourite song is playing. That’s when your inner diva comes out and you’re “auditioning for Beyoncé’s music video.”

Here’s how to have a fabulous music festival experience.

Prepare yourself for the public toilets

The more we drink, the more we need to use the toilets. And let’s be honest, they’re not always as clean as you’d like them to be. And if the queue is pretty long, who knows if there will be toilet paper or hand soaps available when you’re finally in the front of the line. Have a pocket pack of tissues, hand sanitiser and some wet wipes in your bag. You just never know when you may need it…

Don’t get fried

If you’re attending the festival during the day and temperatures are rising by the hour, you’ll need to protect your skin. It’s really difficult to dance along when you’re just about “frying” – and it’s definitely not an attractive look to your crush either. Wear sunscreen, a cool summer hat, your favourite pair of shades and apply a moisturising lip balm regularly. Chapped lips and bad breath are a terrible combo so also make sure you brush your teeth with Closeup Cool Breeze for 12 hours of fresh breath.

Know that your phone will probably die

Apart from the hundreds of selfies and videos you’ll take on the day – if you spot your favourite celebrities – you’ll need to have a power bank ready. Charge the power bank before you leave the house so you can party hard without worrying about getting hold of an Uber driver or calling your parents to send you extra cash.

Make friends!

It’s all about having fun and befriending the tipsy couple dancing next to you. Join in and exchange names and numbers. Who knows, someone cute might make a move on you. But you’ll be prepared by having brushed your teeth with some Closeup Deep Action, won’t you?