Back to school – back to reality

Back to school – back to reality

January, why did you arrive so soon? We’re still in December mode! Transitioning from a summer holiday and having to get back into the swing of high school or university can be as painful as that teacher we never liked. If the thought of going back to school makes you sigh “Ah, I’m not ready for this,” then maybe we can help…

Go to sleep earlier
Going from binge-watching series until the early hours of the morning, and then having to wake up early for school won’t be easy. Try going to sleep a whole lot earlier a day or two before the first week of school. This will alleviate exhaustion and fatigue on your first day and will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle – and excel – in the new year.


Be mentally prepared
You’re here to study, after all. Few have the privilege of a good education, so use the opportunity! It’s not a bad idea to review past subjects a week or so before classes start, and refresh your memory. It’s likely that the first few weeks will be a recap of previous subjects or modules, so reading through last year’s notes will set the tone and ensure that you are up to speed for the months to come.


Prepare for back-to-school night
Ain’t nobody got time for eye bags, hun. Apart from making sure you get 8 hours of beauty rest the night before school, clean those shoes, make sure you have matching socks at the ready and get your uniform ready. The last thing you need is to run around looking for a school sock or those pants you’ve been meaning to wear. Make sure all your stationary is packed up too. This way, you can look forward to the rest of the year without any last-minute stress.


Set goals and stick to them!
Whether your goal is to improve your marks, form a study group, participate in an extra-mural activity or not bunk school, stick to your intent. Holding yourself responsible for your actions will keep you focused. Write down your dreams and place the sheet of paper somewhere as a daily reminder. Now watch yourself succeed!


On the first day of school you’ll be catching up with many friends and teachers you haven’t seen in a while. Make sure you use Closeup toothpaste for long-lasting fresh breath so you can feel confident when making conversation. Make every day count!