5 quick tips to prepare for exams | Closeup

5 quick tips to prepare for exams | Closeup

On a scale from 1 – 10, how ready are you for the exams? We can only but hope it’s close to 10! Preparing for exams comes with anxiety and stress. But, with the right preparation, you will be able to tackle those papers effortlessly.


Don’t cram!
Unless you have a photographic memory, don’t cram on the day of your exam. Create a study roster well in advance of the exam dates plus study notes that work for you. Then stick to your schedule so that you study well in advance. Test yourself by going through previous exam papers. Research shows that students who get enough sleep and study well before the test perform way better than someone who crams before an exam.


Take study breaks
As much as you want to do well, studying for 4 hours straight without a break can cause you to lose focus. And this will make it even more difficult to remember what you have studied. Study for as long as you can focus and then take a break and do something completely unrelated to school for 30 minutes or so. Activities such as washing the dishes, watching a funny YouTube video or even a meditation session will help you to re-focus.


Pre-pack stationery
There’s nothing worse than having to write a Maths exam having forgotten your calculator at home. Pack all the stationery you will need the night before. And make sure you pack an extra pen or two just in case one runs out of ink. Other items you might want to pack are a ruler, pencil, an eraser and a compass (if needed). Also, if you are going to be using a calculator, make sure you have spare batteries – or, to save valuable time, even a spare calculator.


Set achievable goals
If you’ve achieved 60 % for last term’s exam, aim for 65 -70 % this time around. Every little bit of an improvement counts. Don’t aim for results you know you may not be able to achieve – it may negatively impact your self-esteem, which will cause you to feel down and dejected. And even if you don’t perform as well as you had hoped, try again! After all, some of the most successful entrepreneurs today didn’t get it right the first – or even the 100th – time.


You’ve got this!
A positive mindset will have a positive effect on your performance and will keep you relaxed. If you’ve prepared well, remind yourself that you will do well. If you feel upbeat, you’ll walk into the exam room with much less anxiety – ready to rock and roll.


Another way to feel confident is to sport long-lasting fresh breath so that, in case you have to speak to an invigilator afterwards, or get a congratulatory kiss from your bae, you will be super-cool, calm and collected. Good luck!